I write songs to impart LOVE, that might give hope to the hopeless and encouragement to those who give up, ... PEACE, that might inspire people to unite and HAPPINESS, that might give comfort to the brokenhearted. My songs are derived from my own experiences, visions and dreams. They also contain stories about different situations in real life.

My prayer as an artist

Heavenly God, my loving creator, you are the source of my talents and abilities, for which I am very grateful and happy. You know that I depend so much on you, whom I serve and whom I would like to please.

Grant me the gift of humility that I, as only a channel of your goodness, may humbly perform my talents, to serve others, and generously share your blessings with joy, that people may praise and glorify your name.

Grant me the gift of self-denial, that I may resist the great trials an artist may possibly encounter, and grant me the gift of courage to go on, patience to carry on, and most of all, the gift to walk with faith.

Inspire me by your Holy Spirit, and fill me with wisdom, a good artist should have, to remain humble, kind, loving and friendly, in failure and in success.

Bless us all artists, and the abundant talents you have showered to all mankind, and let there be love, peace and happiness in our midst. Amen.