Your Thoughts ( What your thoughts can do to you )

The thoughts that you creat, form your mind

To either make you wise or blind

Positive thoughts, comfort and heal

Negative thoughts, trouble and kill


     The ground complains :

            I am the Ground , mother Earth's face ,

            Great and mighty , holy and blessed ,

            Humble enough to be under your feet ,

            All I long and ask is , little love and respect .


            We've agreed about the steps you should take ,

            To keep our teamwork and maintain our friendship ,

            But you dig beyond the depth I gave ,

            The bedrooms of resting Floods and Quakes .


            I have ears , more than two , this you should know !

            Eyes that cry , much more than you do !

            The dreadful Floods ? Those are my tears !

            Tears , I'd been holding for years !  


            Who'd like to hear the contents of my heart ?

            Who cares when my teardrops start ?

            Dead are the roots that give me strength ,

            No more trees and graceful grass of green !


            Hear ! Your heavy equipments' sound is small ,

            Against the angry mother Nature's roar !

            Floods and Quakes , work hand and hand ,

            I can't help but slide to kill millions of men !


            A deep breath to ease my pains ,

            Forms the storms and wildest winds ,

            Angry Thunders and destructive Rains ,

            Are all expressions of my complains !             


     The Humble Ground, My Friend And Home

            Mightier than me, so strong and great ,

            But humble enough to be under my feet ,

            Dead or alive, I'm bound to it ,

            That is the ground, on which I step .


            It Knows my birth, my first steps ,

            In its arms, I use to rest ,

            It played with me when I was small ,

            On its lap, I use to roll .


            I fly high up the sky with glee ,

            I sail along the deep blue sea ,

            But not so long, I turn around ,

            I long, I love to touch the ground .


            It's not the sky and clouds of white ,

            It's not the stars that shines so bright ,

            My dwelling place, my only home ,

            It's Earth, the Ground where I belong .