Bread and stone...

...what do bread and stone remind us about

They remind us about:

Somthing soft and it's opposite
something that numbs and awakes
something that gives life and kills
something that troubles or stills.

Strength or weakness, patience or revange,
war or love and peace, enemies or friends,
but which of the two really teach and lead?
Is it the stone, or is it the bread?

Bread and stone...

... which of the two really teach and lead?

Find the wisdom that clothes the stone,
which makes it soft to break a bone,
find the wisdom that coats the bread,
that causes bump on one's forehead!

Getting bread in return for the stone he has thrown,
makes a person humbly realize he's wrong,
for there's nothing harder or tougher than bread,
when it is thrown to teach and lead.

Bread and stone...

... what have we learned from bread and stone?

who has ever known
that bread is harder than the stone?
For it causes bump
that gently awakens the dumb.

And who has ever said
that the stone is softer than bread?
Yes! it also causes bump,
but numbs the dumb.

Bread and stone...

... as weapons

Stone is the weapon used by the weak
who claims to be strong in every strike he makes
while bread is the weapon of the one who resists
whose inner strength speaks for love and peace.

Bread and stone

... what do bread and stone represent?

Bread stands for peace and love,
that beautifies the earth like heaven above
stone represents revange and death
it stands for war and destruction of earth.

Bread and stone...

... win the fight by throwing bread

Don't fight with hands to show your strength,
don't fight with words to ease your pain,
don't fight with eyes to cut like blade,
win the fight by throwing bread!

Stop mocking and throwing blames,
show from the heart how peace will reign,
loving a friend, that is not wrong,
loving an enemy, that is strong!!!