The Teamwork of Light and Darkness

Light and darkness are not friends at all but, they have a special kind of teamwork that plays a great role in our learning process. With light's permission, darkness sometimes shines even brighter than light that we think everything is going right. It is not the intention of darkness to teach us some lessons but, we automatically learn lessons from its tricks. In this case, we realize and become aware that not everything that shines has something to do with light.

When darkness pretends to work as light, it would shine so bright. At first, we will be delighted by its wonderful but empty promises. Then it will suddenly hurt our eyes until we shed tears.

Shedding tears caused by deceiving darkness cleanses and brightens our eyes thus, making us wise to discern between real darkness and true light. This is a process of our growth that darkness hates most yet, darkness has no power to control or stop us from learning and becoming wise because, a man normally tends to think and realize things sooner or later that makes him improve himself.

The true light glows brightly yet gently to protect us from shedding tears. Light is one of the greatest gift from God. It brightly shines but very pleasant to the eyes and it would never cause us to cry.

But light is nothing without the appearance of darkness. Light has to deal with darkness because it needs it to show its beauty. To cite an example: A pretty candle light could only show its beauty in the dark. It is nothing when it burns in a lighted room! After passing through the dark, we learn not only to appreciate the light but also to treasure it.

In this case, we see the same light brighter than before. Actually, it is not brighter than before. We only think it is brighter because after passing through the dark, we are so glad to see the light again and we treasure it so much that our eyes are so much attracted to its beauty.

We then say, "there's nothing more pleasant than to walk along with light no matter what kind of trick darkness plays to sheet us". Light is always there to guide us, but we do not see it in most cases, because of the impurities that blind our eyes. Sometimes we need to shed lots of tears for us to see the real beauty of light. 

Light is even considered "Lover of our Souls".
(Explanation of the song "Teamwork of Light and Darkness" by Josie Bernales)


A sin can be lighter or heavier,
only God has the kind of weighing scale
to tell it's exact weight. He doesn't weigh the way we do.

Don't let your sin become a thick wall between you and God, rather a bridge-builder to get closer to him... repent!

The treasure behind each mistake

A mistake has a secret! It has a treasure behind it. There was a comforting voice coming from my inner self saying: "Don't let me suffer so much. Your mistake is just an eye-opener to make you wise!"

Every mistake envelopes a certain gift of wisdom. That is the treasure behind each mistake. Don't let your mistake lose it's gift. Bring it immediately to God for him to replace it with wisdom. Do not hesitate to approach God, the fountain of mercy. He listens attentively and is very understanding and kind. Repent and achieve the gift of wisdom. The greater the mistake, the greater mercy and gift of wisdom God grants to those who repent and humble themselves.

Do not get angry at those who persecute and insult you because of your mistakes, for they are the ones who carry the most gift intended for your mistakes. If you turn on them, you will lose the gift of wisdom. Just be humble and patient because everything is under God's care. Learn to bless and love those people and another gift will follow! They wil be your friends for God will pour His blessings on friendship, because of your faith. Love and peace will reign!!!

The Present

One Friday, it was few days before new year 2012, Wisdom visited me to hand a present.

"Knowing what Beggars have"

Walking together with the Lord along a road, I saw an old woman.

I ask: Lord, why do you give this beggar such long difficult life? She is probably now the oldest woman in town.

The Lord: The load I have put on her shoulders is still too heavy! She stll has to walk longer for me.

I asked: What load? I don't see any.

The Lord: No one sees and knows about it, not even she herself.

I said: I am a small mind. Open my mind to understand.

The lord explained: I put a big load on beggar's shoulders filled with blessings, wisdom and knowledge, as well as answers for people's prayers. This blind woman has been carrying these things on her shoulders since her childhood to be distributed or given away to those whom I send her. Everytime a door opens for her, her load becomes lighter when she leaves. Now her load is still heavy!

I asked: She has these precious things on her shoulder, why does she need to beg for her existence?

The Lord: Existence is not only "Now". Beggars have "Future". At that moment, many will recognize them saying "We were once rich and happy. Now we are here and they are up there in such a beautiful palace wearing things like those of kings. For them who have enjoyed riches without remembering me while on earth, have already got their shares.

I asked in my innocence: What will happen to me?

The Lord: I have given you this present of knowing what beggars have. You should have more eyes, more ears, more lips, more hands, more minds, more hearts and more feet. To those I give this present, they will answer twice.

Then I said: Oh, do not make me afraid! You know I am small and weak, not only that! I am also forgetful.

The Lord: I don't only open the minds. Those minds I open I give strength and wisdom.

The Lord left me with some questions in my mind. I was happy but affected with unexplainable fear because of the present I received. I said to myself: "He has given me this present. He should protect me twice as I should answer twice!!"

I could still see him from afar. I ran after him to ask my last favour.

I said: Lord, you see my skin is thin. It easily bleeds and feel the pain. I need a skin hard as an iron to go on.

The Lord: What makes you afraid? Hear the sound of the crowd, it is my sound! Look at the people in your front, at your back and sides. I am that, what you hear and see. There are only two in this world. Me and you and you and Me. Is my love for you not enough? Have faith in me. Trust in me and you will not be injured by anything or anybody. You'll get a skin hard as an iron.

I had nothing to say but "I love you", then he went.

In my mind: "Lord, you know my limitations. Deliver me from great trials. He answered: There's nothing I don't know and there's nothing I can't do."

I remembered the beggar which was the main topic!

I then thoght: "The Lord did not tell me about His love for the beggars." This was a big question for me! "Does he love the beggars?" He answered...  not from afar, not from nearby... I couldn't understand how He gave me his answer! It simply striked my mind like a spark of light. He said: "I am the beggar."

Love and Faith

(The two unseparable gifts)

God is love. He is the source of power and might. Faith is the ultimate submission to God and to his almighty power. By our faith we acquire power from God. How can faith be separated from love if God who is love is the source of gift of faith? Faith without act of love loses it's sense. It is like the act of giving without passing throgh the hands of God, it loses it's sense.

God is the source of all graces and blessings. We should always remember Him the way we remember to breathe in order to live. This is what faith reminds us in order to remain in God's love.